Restaurant review:URBAN EATERY.


PWC Tower, Delta Corner
Chiromo Road, Westlands
Nairobi, Kenya

Delta towers is just along the Nairobi- Nakuru Highway; easily accessible.


I have always been fascinated by the balcony sitting area which allows you view the road little did I know there was more fascination on the inside.The restaurant is quite spacious and well outlined.

I loved the fact that you can have a great time even as a group without feeling like you are distracting the rest of the customers.It was more of a personal space.

I really loved this decor and the lighting.DSC_0803

I also loved the bar area which was so cute.Apparently I forgot to take a picture….I just cant explain what good food and an amazing company does to my memory!

                                 Oooh! I also have a love affair with open kitchen areas.I loved theirs.


They have a wide selection of food from Mexican, Indian and much more.

They also serve a wide range of drinks both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

We all took milkshakes which cost 400 Ksh each.



Who doesn’t take food seriously?..I saw this on their wall and for realWHO DOES NOT??

There was nothing really extra about the food but, it was amazing! Although I did not love the chili on my fries…am all about sweet stuff you know, LOL.


From my point of view, you can have a good meal and a drink from 1300 ksh.So make it a plan Y’all!!

Customer service.

Our waiter was amazing. She made us feel comfortable and was really attentive and interactive!

She really took her time on us.

DSC_0835Am definitely going back for more!!!


~Wanini Wambui,

Afrobrend team…. ❤

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