How much money does happiness cost??

How much money does happinemoji-hey-600_M9RRgztess cost??

Staring at a group of elegant ladies taking photos and something strikes my attention.One of lady joins the group selfie but looks at herself and leaves immediately.I don’t feel like taking photos today…this is what she says,but why?Another one asks…sikai poa”,{I don’t look good}.

Matters confidence!!!this is what crosses my mind.

I have come to appreciate the vital role confidence plays in our lives.Confidence impacts handling of real life issues.When we learn to embrace our faults and work on those we can change,it brings a whole lot of difference in our lives.

Many are the times we hide our weaknesses for fear of being judged.we care too much on what people say about us and forget that what actually matters is what we feel about ourselves.Funny enough,those who truly love us do not notice the faults we are so insecure about.They  show us love despite.

Am thinking,maybe this lady doesn’t like her outfit,maybe her hairdo or maybe some acne on her face.But should this things hinder your joyous moments?Should they let you miss out on fun?……NO

I think the greatest achievement in a persons life is agreeing with the fact that everything happens for a reason..and more-so a season.Accept situations as they come,be positive…LIVE.You cannot get that pair of shoe everyone is wearing to the event?Put on your available pair and go!

Avoid comparisons…this is the greatest thief of happiness.After all,even if you are not the prettiest,funniest or smartest,be happy because…you are something no one else can be.

CELEBRATE LIFE!tumblr_o79rhoHBX91v7fbr8o1_500

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