It`s a Talk!Dear Creatives….


         I followed through a conversation in my most informative group chat and thought to myself,why not share?Sharing is exciting you know!

                   Sometimes we talk…..many times we CREATE.

               I have come to realize that most creatives did not study creative courses like photography,make-up, etc in universities.They are a bunch of different career holders who just decided to follow their passion or maybe,just found themselves in the industry.But that doesn’t matter..right?Because we are all doing great.

I will take an example of one Simon, of Lines photography Kenya who says,the first time he held a camera was during a church service where he held a Nikon D610,he says he got excited and scared at the same time that he just looked at it all round and gave it back.He feared it would spoil in his hands.

One member asked,how do you draw a clear line between passion and business?

This heated up because it is one of the greatest challenge creatives face also following from a recent discussion on social media where creatives complained of being manipulated in the industry where clients,especially celebrities make you work for little or no pay promising to pay you with exposure.

Simon said,passion is what keeps you doing what you do irregardless of your situations while business comes in when you transform your passion into a fiscal transaction.

Okaka Felix of Okaka photography said,

Passion ruins business at times by counting revenue as profit and lack of business acumen.He presented the problem in a three-fold;

1.Competing on price

2.Not separating your labor cost from mark-up and profit.

3.Not charging for your time.

He concluded by saying,when quoting,put passion aside.


Talking about exposure,we find that many people talk about paying you with exposure.But,is it really worth it? I would say it really helps sometimes.You can get to learn a lot and even get good networking which may help you later.

This only works when your client is really supportive and helps put your name out there in ways such as crediting you in the projects and even getting your more clients.

Although,as much as you get this exposure,You should know your limits because,at the end of the day,exposure will never pay your bills.


As a creative,you should not just sit and wait for work to come to you.Walk to people,pitch your ideas.You can also give some free services because some clients can really push your work to great levels.

In-case of free services,you are advised on insisting on your own terms.This ensures you do not get manipulated in areas such as people distorting your work or even not crediting you.

Savings was also a great advice to everyone.In most cases,creatives don’t have a fixed payment period.You find that most get paid from random jobs hence becomes hard to save.Savings should be a major task where investing in other areas should follow.

More-so,it is good to insure your equipment for security.

In conclusion,we should really be patient and trust the process of growth…

          Patience is  a great virtue for growth in any area of specialization.

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