Dunga Beach,Kisumu|Overcoming fears!

We all love fun, right? And Sundays are perfect for that. I visited the Dunga Beach in Kisumu and it was great. It was such a thrill.

Dunga beach is about 20 minutes from Kisumu city while driving. You can easily access the place by any means of transport from tuk-tuks, PSVs

and even bikes. It is also a public place which means no fee is charged to get in. This actually amazed me.


You all know what rings in mind when Kisumu is mentioned. FISH!!

Since it was in the afternoon,Beach kitchen foods was the best idea

.Here, you choose your fish, fresh from the lake before it is prepared in your preference.

……….And the order was ready. Best served with ugali which I barely take, I put all my energy on the fish every time am having this combo and end up eating barely a quarter of the ugali.

                                                                     The demolition

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The saddest part is the fact that fish in this place is quite expensive and in the city generally which I related to the fact that there is a high fish demand and the supply is low. Also, there has been a lot of over-fishing and of course other natural factors that have impacted the decrease of fish in the lake.

Overcoming Fears!!!

After having lunch,my friends suggested we go for a boat ride .I really tried avoiding this discussion although deep inside I knew I couldn’t leave this place without riding…how can I not??LOL.I have always feared depths and it worsened when I saw a snake moving in the water…who doesn’t fear snakes??

We ended up in the waters although I strongly rejected the idea of going very far away from the shores.

At some point,we stopped in the middle and huh..I shed a tear from the sway of the boat.I was excited and paranoid at the same time.The waves were just magical.The best experience if I may say.Although am not sure I would really want another ride…..but am I really not sure… maybe,maybe not???Again, I don’t know why Meghan Trainor Dear future husband” rang  in my mind after seeing this motor boat….and I still sing it when I take a recap from my gallery.

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Dear future husband here’s a few things you’ll need to know if……

And when the time comes I might consider the deep end!!

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