Meet Deejay TEFF!!

 wE aLL lOvE dEeJ@ys,, right?

So, I decided to put this jamaa on the grill…. our friendship dates back to when we were in nursery school- where we met- and I had no idea that he was gonna bee a deejay some day.

Here is a little interview I had with the jamaa


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1.Name? *
2. Nckname?
Dj Teff
3. Where are you from?
Option 1
4. Single?
Tuongee izo baadaye….
5. Short bio abt yourself…
am just a young entertainer with an insatiable passion for music and its mostly a deejay but now entering the field involving music production. Also a graphic designer.
6. What is your field of operation?
7. Where do you operate from?
Option 1
8. Is it an easy journey getting where you’re at ? explain.
its not an easy journey specially when you are out of school and got to basically make a living. what keeps me going is the passion and hard work that i put in so that it can shed some hope for those with the same passion as mine.
9. What do you thin k could be done to improve the industry you’re in?
well the industry has been infected by the influence of middlemen who most of whom take advantage of young dj’s who i believe also have a dream to one day get somewhere. if this industry could only work with professionals who value real talent and art in the entertainment , then i believe that would serve as a major milestone and more talents would be natured.
10.Please tell us , briefly what you could have done differently if given a chance to start all over in life.
11. What advice would you give other people who wanna get where you are?
Just work hard, get that passion fired up and keep focus at all times.
12. What are your plans for the future?
Start a fully equipped deejay academy, build a studio for which i’d focus on the art of music production and hopefully own a record label of my own.
13. How can one reach you if they need your services?
You can email me directly to allannjinju96@gmail. Call or whatsapp 0718447724. you coan also find me on instagram @teff_deejay and facebook Allan Thiong’o (teff dj))
14. Show us a little bit of what you can do.

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