Ever travelled to a totally new town, and feel that part of you wants a taste of the nightlife, and…as if reading your mind, the gods of drunkenness take care of your wishes?? Well, I think that happened during my stay in Kisii. They say to save the best for the last and yeah…Mocha happened.


Mocha hotel is situated in the Mocha place building in Kisii town. The building has a number of joints to hang out. There is the Mocha hotel and Mocha club which was epic!


Honestly,the first time I got in,I was intrigued. The hotel was more than I expected. It was not crowded and the atmosphere was awesome. The decor…on point!!

But I opted for the bar since I wanted that Friday vibe..and definitely, some wine for the night.


The bar ambience fascinated me. From the music, lighting and space. It is really spacious! At around 10 pm, only a few of the tables were occupied until the room filled up within an hour.It was mad!! Everyone was enjoying the moment. From drinks to eating to dancing;FURAHI DAY.

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Both food and drinks are averagely priced and their portions generous.

My order took around 15 minutes.

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No matter how best food, ambience and everything can be, the customer service impacts the experience. And yeah, we all love being treated well.

The waiter who served me was great.She was fast,attentive and really friendly.

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