This breeze has decided to take a better part of me. As I get lost in the motion pattern of the waves, I just realized how up and downs are a great aspect in growth…they add a special thrill just as the beauty of the waves from the sway in the ocean.IMG-4230

But why do we take some things for granted? Do we even appreciate how essential everything and everyone adds up to the beauty in our waves? This has really reminded me how important storms are important at some point in life. How they beautify the results of life-waves.

I look at those I thought would never impact me in any way because I thought they had nothing to give in my list of *good things in life*. I look at the joy they bring in my life….the tears I cant balance when I look at them…the glow on my face when their names pop up on my notifications. It is just MAGICAL!!!

What I’m trying to say is every little thing in life matters. Smile at the overwhelmed conductor in traffic…tell that humble waiter to keep the change….share your chocolate with the passenger next to you…tell the grocery woman thank you. Just make an impact in your every encounter.

And hey, wink back at the crazy guy on the street!!*wink*wink*


M. Wanini, author


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