Introducing me.

I’m outside on my balcony, listening to the birds chirp their morning melodies. In one hand, a coffee cup, half full; I have drunk the other half. Naturally, I hate coffee. I detest it. But today, my loathed Allie; with a passion, has become a friend, in a blatant attempt to stop this headache pounding in my head in such fury. I am being convinced at this point, that this is nature’s way of punishing me for the countless shots of tequila i downed last night. Wait- what happened last night? Crap…. story for another day.IMG-3992.JPG

There are sounds coming from my neighbor’s house. It is the mother of the house, in an attempt to get her children to get ready for church. From the way she ceremoniously rants her brains out every Sunday morning, those kids would never have set foot within five hundred meters of a church if it wasn’t for her. Oh well, these kids nowadays, with phones and gaming consoles… such enlightening, yet restrictive tools to a child’s growth.

Back to me. I am thinking of resolving to end these drinking escapades. Settle down. Find a new hobby. Maybe talking about it to whoever is reading should, or could be a hobby. With my other hand, I pull my phone out of my pocket. I scroll down my contact list and settle on one in particular. It’s time I sent her a message. I didn’t reply to the last one she sent me, so I decide that an apology would be good for a start.

My typical Sunday morning.

J. Njoroge.
J. Njoroge, author.

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