We have been thinking… It’s time we had a community!!

Here at Afro blend, we have a group of young, dedicated creatives, who try to visualize virtually, every aspect of life that would not only interest but add value to the lives of young people. We have, much as we are young, experience in doing little things that started with a vague interest, but gradually grows into a passion, which, when nurtured the right way, turns into a money-making venture.

But we have to be real with ourselves here. No matter what field we want to venture there are always those who got there before us, those who dominate, if not monopolize, the industry. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves once more; we do not have any intentions, whatsoever, of overthrowing the current entertainment industry in whichever way, but are here to have our fair share of the bread, a slice of the loaf, a piece of the cake.

That having being said, we have dedicated one of our pages, the Meet&Greet page, where we will feature anyone that contacts us, in their field of expertise, and help one get their services to whoever may need them, and make some money while at it. It’s just a fun way of showing us what you can do, and still, make money while at it. It’s all about getting to know each other.

So, young entrepreneur, artist, writer, professional, all are welcome. Just drop us an email in the contact section, and always remember to place the subject as Meet&Greet!!


-Afroblend team